PT Global Mandiri Instrumentasi


PT Global Mandiri Instrumentasi

GMI. always better!

“Our service is designed for the work you do, and you will be guided with the experienced calibration engineers”.

Best Quality To get Customers Satisfaction

GMI PT Calibration Laboratory Always to prominent professionallity in calibration service for all Customer so that Customer satisfactory is maintained.

GMI PT Calibration Laboratory Standart of calibration service of laboratory always consider time service is suitable, best price and give clear, quick and transparency information.

GMI PT Calibration Laboratory decide and apply management requirement and technical requirement appropriate with requirement ISO / IEC 17025 : 2005.

Trully all laboratory personel are trained and qualified according to scope and responsibility.
GMI PT Calibration Laboratory always try to be consistent with implementation of ISO / IEC 17025 : 2005 requirement continue.

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